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Powerful workflow automation tool

Deploy smart workflows that run your products, services, and business processes.

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Next-gen automation


Workflows without boundaries

Each node in n8n performs a step - like fetch tickets from JIRA. Built out complex processes by combining over 170+ app nodes with powerful core nodes


Don't pay for each step

We only count when your workflow does something useful like send latest GitHub commits from 4 repos to slack and Twilio. We don't count each step in your workflow.


Extend no-code products

Add powerful back-end functions to your apps and services. Expose workflows as API endpoints and and seamlessly consume them in Bubble, Retool or your custom stack.

Next-gen automation


Connect to over 200+ apps

Pull in, transform and load data from your business stack. Work with detailed JSON objects that have all your custom fields in a visual UI.


Don't get stuck

Seamlessly switch from no-code to low-code. Core nodes for HTTP Requests, Webhooks, JavaScript, HTML Extract, and more.


Automate complex processes

Business processes don't always follow "When this, do that". Model custom business logic with conditional nodes, merges, and node-based routing.

Workflow automation is about empowering teams to build sophisticated applications, without needing to write a line of code. In the future I expect tools like n8n to be used within every high-functioning workplace globally."
Kevin Hartz
Co-Founder and Chairman of Eventbrite
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What is an execution?

We count an execution each time your entire multi-step workflow completes a "run". We do not count each individual step in your workflow. We do count a workflow regardless of it's outcome - a workflow execution that fails will be counted toward your monthly total.

Do I pay for each step?

No - we don't believe in charging each time you need to transform data to make it useful. Doing so promotes poor workflow design and hinders automation adoption in your organization. A workflow that has 3 nodes (steps) or 50 nodes will each only count as one execution each time they are triggered.

What is a workflow?

A workflow is a series of interconnected nodes. Each node is configured to perform a specific step or action, like "Get all users from Slack", or "Post list of users to JIRA". You can design sophisticated automations by breaking down complex processes and implementing them as workflows, which perform the task step-by-step.

What is the difference between community and priority support?

We take the automation needs of all of our users seriously - every n8n.cloud user can expect helpful, friendly and prompt support in case of issues. We have an active community forum to help you create your workflows and share solutions. Priority support simply ensures your requests go to the top of our list and have faster response and resolution times in case issues arise. Perfect for your mission critical workflows.

What is the difference between n8n and n8n.cloud?

n8n is a fair-code workflow automation tool - you can download the source code via GitHub and host it on your own servers (more information can be found at n8n.io). n8n.cloud is a software-as-a-service offering from n8n, where you can subscribe to have a managed instance of n8n in our cloud. We take care of the hosting, security and maintenance.

I need more executions or enterprise features, can you help?

Absolutely! We can work with you to customize your plan for high-volume or specialty use-cases. Reach out to us at hello@n8n.cloud

Do you have an affiliate program?

Absolutely, our affiliate program was designed to help you switch your audience and clients over to n8n.cloud. Learn more about our affiliate program here.

Do you have a status page?

We have a status page available over at status.n8n.cloud